Designing an emprirical research project

The remaining part of the research will have to be taken up with the help of different techniques like interviews and qualitative analysis. The main aim of the paper is to find out the causes of the war. Therefore, the theories and the data are to be evaluated in the light of the causes of the war.The war and battles have been an integral part of the history of the mankind. The historians got detailed accounts of the war and the battles from the history. Since then the world has been pondering over the causes of the war and have been trying to find out ways to prevent it. Different theories have evolved for the causes of war. The wars, from the older days, have assumed a political concept and there were political reasons for the evolution of wars. War has been defined as the large scale organized violence between politically defined groups. The scope and the nature of war have changed over the years. The frequency of the war has also decreased. However, the reasons of the war can be drafted as follows:The first reason for the causes of war is the differences in the ideas and the policies of the different states and the countries of the world. The countries think it apt to resolve the conflicts with the war rather than in peace. This kind of war happens when one of the countries initiates the war against the other countries. The conquests of the older days are the examples of such kind of wars. The countries in the world want to spread its power over the other countries. This leads to the conflict between the countries.The modern theories underline the importance of the economic interdependence in the case of the war and the peace. In the modern world, the economic interdependence has been the main factor for the decrease of the occurrence of the wars. However, there have been cases where the democratic countries attack the countries with weaker forms of Government.The liberal theory underlines the economic concept in the causes of the war. In the

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