Describe to me the basic differences between Scientific Method and Scientific Process

Differences between Scientific Method and Scientific Process Differences between Scientific Method and Scientific Process Introduction
According to Kosso, (2011) scientific method entails a continuous set of processes that generally begins with certain observations in our natural surroundings by scientists. Questions on how our surroundings appear, then lead to ideas and opinions as to why certain things appear the way they do. On the other hand, scientific process concentrates on the actual events or processes of coming up with a reliable model of happenings in the real world. It entails scientists coming up with a model that is accurate on the happenings of particular events in the world, by continuously working on a particular goal over a period of time.
Scientific method
This is basically the process through which science actually takes place. It takes place in a series of steps which involve making hypotheses, deriving predictions and performing experiments in line with those predictions to determine whether the initial hypotheses were indeed correct.
The steps include: Formulation of a question, coming up with a hypothesis, prediction, testing and analysis. These steps are also referred to as scientific processes.
Scientific process
This basically entails the steps that are taken in performing a scientific method. The scientific process is contained in the scientific method. Science is in itself the study of processes through scientific methods. The scientific process has inputs and desired outcomes which in tern influence the Scientific methods
It is clear from the discussion above that there are certain basic differences between scientific method and scientific process. What is clear, however, is that the two are so much dependent on each other. The scientific method investigates what is known based on measurable evidence while scientific process is all the steps that the scientific method applies in achieving its outcomes.
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