Demonstrate your understanding of the teachers role in engaging children fully and actively in the learning process in each of the core subjects

The authors further point out that educational institution have also put in place measures and policies that are aimed at developing the teaching practice effectively(Siegler amp. Alibali, 2005). In addition, a tutor’s success is measured by their ability to enhance learning of their student psychologically, socially and emotionally. The responsibility of tutors has developed to more than just academic duties. This has enhanced learning activities in institutions as students are exposed to more thanjust skillsin academics. This has increased the productivity of students produced in the society. As much as changes in learning processes have been implemented, there a lot of requirements from teachers that needs to be made. Educationalists have generated strategies and policies required for teachers to put in place. These strategies are aimed at improving teacher performance as well as increase their role in actively and fully involving students in learning processes. This requirement has been successful as tutors, institutions and stakeholders have generated more ways and means of making the teaching profession more effective.
This paper will analyze the role of tutors in fully and actively involving students in the learning processes. The paper will include requirements and recommendations that are required from teachers to make their role more productive. Apart from learning processes, the paper will highlight other requirements from teacher that makes their role more versatile. Generally, this paper will focus on effective teaching and learning styles, scaffold learning, assessment strategies and the importance of understanding child development in the teaching profession.
Learning styles are defined as different ways that people learn and enabled to incorporate learning materials. Apart from learning programs, learning styles are the most appropriate ways that people are able to learn and incorporate information and learning

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