Data Model for Fitness Centre

It is only for the targeted people. This means that to attract new customer, one need to do target marketing. The basic requirement of target marketing is the identification of the prospect clients.
This database keeps a track of the visitors and the activities performed by them. So when the centre wants to target new clients, it can not only get the address of the prospective clients to send brochures and other promotional stuff, but also the activities performed by them. This information tells the centre that what activities they prefer. So these pamphlets will be highlighting the attributes of those activities.
The centre can periodically generate a report to find out the level of usage of the equipments. If the centre knows that which equipment is being used heavily, it can add quantity of those equipments. If the centre finds that some equipment is not used adequately, it can research for the reason of its less usage. The reason can either be its improper placement, lack of awareness about how to use it and so on. Thus, the centre can take appropriate decisions.
The entities mentioned in the beginning are particularly chosen because these entities provide the basic ground for the database. Any business activity can not be done without including these entities.
The attributes in each entity were chosen keeping in view their significance to the core business activity. For example, in the ‘material_resource’ table, we have not included depreciation method since it is not so useful for the core business activity. But the age of the member is essential to determine the fitness activity interests in various age

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