Critical Perspectives on Business and Management

The company must localize human resource management and marketing activities in order to enhance the reputation and gain higher market penetration.
The objective of the report is to guide the Nexus Energy management in their global strategy through identifying Qatar as the appropriate target country, the attractiveness of the oil and gas industry in Qatar and strategic alliance with Gulf Drilling International as the best entry mode in Qatar foreign market.
The report will entail a detailed analysis of the current international business and economic environment of Qatar, analysis of the attractiveness of the oil and gas industry and the economic viability of Qatar as the most preferred country. In addition, the report will cover strategic alliance as the most appropriate entry mode in Qatar and Nexus Energy Limited strategic positioning to compete successfully in the new industry. The last part will be the conclusion and recommendations to the management.
Nexus Energy intends to expand its business to Qatar and desires to do so through forming a strategic alliance with a local firm. The selection of foreign market entry mode is influenced factors such as the associated costs, market risks and the need for control of the foreign operations.
The report will rely on secondary data collection and analysis methods. The report will utilize academic literature, global strategy models and recent market data to determine the best country of foreign market entry and the best foreign company that Nexus Energy must enter into international business. The report will conduct a macro-environment analysis of the current international business and economic environment, determine the best foreign market entry strategy and the preferred market strategies in order for the company to attain a competitive edge in the new market.
This part will evaluate the attractiveness and business environment in Qatar using the PESTLE analysis model.

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