Criminology Ted Bundy’s Crimes

Going by the number of states where most of his victims came from, it is undeniable to say that Ted Bundy cast his net of charm and intelligence quite wide. In as much as he confessed to murdering thirty-six females, most of the investigators on the case have overtime reaffirmed that the number may be extremely high. In fact, some sources made it known that Ted Bundy may have participated in the demise of more than one hundred females from 1974 to 1978 when the established order put an end to his homicidal and brutal act. At the time of his sentencing, the authorities strongly believed that Ted Bundy was responsible for the disappearance of young female girls in Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Vermont, and Utah. The only set back nevertheless was the fact that they were unable to patch up strong evidence to file against Bundy, as some of the victims’ bodies were not recovered and have never been since then (Dye, 2015). Ted Bundy’s acquaintances and relatives have reiterated in the past that whereas he faced some challenges while growing up, they did not witness any exceptionally precarious sign that would have pointed out the vicious act in him. This is essential because he lived a fairly normal life until the year 1974 when he cut off all contacts and began the monstrous deed. Come to think of it, what might have made an individual who effectively went through the American education system find pleasure in raping and beating young and industrious females to death? According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI),

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