Corporate Social Responsibility in Business



Is Corporate Social responsibility a realistic possibility that takes place in company or is it a public relations gimmick for “window dressing”. CSR is realistic but its realism goes as far as a pipe dream in literature. Companies have turned the noble idea into a PR strategy to endear themselves to target prospects.&nbsp.How do companies choose beneficiaries of their CSR projects in your view? Companies demonstrate CSR towards the masses that will raise their turnovers.&nbsp.&nbsp. Businesses are meant to grow benefits over a period of time. Does SCR stand to benefit firms in the long term? Marginally they do. A company that gives back to society (on purpose or not) endears itself to them. It is an indirect guaranteed marketing.&nbsp.“BLT is a noble concept that has been misinterpreted and misused by the corporate world “ BLT is a choice for the companies not a necessity. It’s a ‘checklist’ for the progress of an all round company.Corprates with CSR strategies have very poor approaches to its implementation. What are these approaches and why are they weak? The strategies are crafted without insight of the future and there are no laid out schedules of how to achieve the milestones.How much do you agree with Fiedman’s quip that “by fulfilling economic charter of maximizing profits, does a firm meet its societal responsibility?” The societal expectation on any company is profitability.&nbsp.What in your view is the difference between BLT and CSR?

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