Contemporary Issue of Whether Social Class Determines Child’s Success

The significance of the issue of social class is very relevant not only for the interest of the child whose success is determined by the social class a child belongs to but for the overall well being of the society and the country. It is very crucial to analyse this topic and find out how this issue is affecting the children during their schooling and later in life (Newman 136).Success in the examination is decided by a child’s social class. This fact has been acknowledged by Holley (qt. in The Independent), the chief executive of the Training and Development Agency, stating, The performance of a school and a child in it is highly linked to social class. Holley has rightly pointed towards the negative role played by social class in deciding the performance of a child in school. this interference of the class in the career development of a child has been there even before the Second World War. So one cannot blame the stakeholders of education industry but analysis of this crucial issue can certainly help in taking measures so that the role of class in the success of school-going children could be minimised.Education opportunities in a comparatively open society are decided by the social class of the parents. Children of wealthy parents are brought up in better environments than children’s of not-so-wealthy parents. They enjoy all privileges of life like good schools, opportunities to travel and inculcate hobbies as they possess financial capacities to entertain them (Newman137). If parental income is low, there are more chances of a child living with the risk of single parent, unemployed parents, living with more than one disability and leaving the school without in-between.It is not simply a case issue of parents’ affording capacities of providing luxuries of life that impact the society and determine the success of a child from materialistic perspective.

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