Computers R Us

Furthermore, it should continue improving other areas such as communication and response time to its clients. The main limitation is that the questionnaire did not have open-ended questions that could help the company know other areas to work on apart from the predetermined areas.Computer R Us is a company dealing with both the manufacture of computer and retail services for its clients. The company, however, noticed the demand for repair services by its clients and decided to create a computer repairing division called CompleteCare. CompleteCare was launched to provide quick response to technical inquiries made by the clients and also to repair for clients any computer that breaks down when it is still covered by the warranty. The repair services are very important since the company does not want to have clients migrate to competitors who offer repair services to their clients. It is, therefore, a very important service when it comes to gaining and retaining clients. Responding to technical inquiries also helps with customer satisfaction.a) Shortage of trained operators in its telephone center. This means that customers had to wait long to be attended too and others also gave up and ended the calls even before the operators could service them.b) Distribution problem. With computers coming in from all over the world for warranty repairs, the department was unable to distribute repaired computers quick enough. With the lack of a distribution system, the company was also forced to depend on shipping companies for its distributions, increase the chances of the repaired computers getting spoilt or sent to the wrong address.c) Parts availability problems. Since the system was initially designed for manufacturing only, the increase in demands parts caused by the repair work lead to the shortage of parts. The problem was especially serious for those parts that are acquired from other companies.

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