Comparison the methods of the back up in ( Macintosh Apple and Windows )

In any computer system, one of the most important aspects is to maintain effective backup. In computer, any kind of threats can damage the important files and valuable resources. Internal factors such as power fluctuations, faults in hard drive and system conflicts among other aspects can endanger the data. Moreover, several external factors such as fire outrage, flood or earthquake can also threaten the valuable data. In traditional times, people usually maintained data on paper and thus, they were only concerned about external threats. Besides, most people also did not make copy of every record, thus the loss was devastating. However, in present days, the data is recorded in a digital format, making it vulnerable to both internal as well as external threats. Nevertheless, the digital information has allowed for simple procedure of data back up in multiple places by using different applications1.
According to Vesperman (2002), information in computer is stored in hard disk. Hard disk has moving components and the data in hard disk can wear out sooner or later. Thus, there is a need for maintaining copy of data in other places2.
Backup is regarded as the representative copy of data. This copy comprises vital parts of system such as control files and data files. When the original data is lost or corrupted by any external or internal factors, the backup file is used to restore the physical files. In any catastrophic incident, database backup is considered as the prime method to successfully recuperate the data. Furthermore, restoring and recovering data from backup files can be operationally beneficial3.
There are a variety of media that can be used for backup such as CDs, DVDs and removable disks among others. The backup media arrives with software which requests for the data users desire to backup. According to Ruggiero amp. Heckathorn (2012), disk based storage system provides quick backup and restore

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