CNET article reviews and reflections

Google plan is to make the region open for business since with increased circulation of information Africa will become more viable as market. In retrospect, Google has worked in Africa on the mobile platform. in 2009, it allowed cellphone users in Uganda to get information of weather and sports through text queries. It has also collaborated with France mobile to cut down the cost of SMS services in the region.
In my opinion, this is a progressive move, and it shows that Google as a company is capable of combining a profit making venture with its social responsibility of ensuring Africa is opened to the world in terms of telecommunication. Furthermore, it will have indirect impacts by forcing the telecommunication companied to lower their SMS costs because of competition from Google. Ultimately, while Google will stand to make a tidy profit, it has considerably increased Africa’s networking potential.
The space shuttle endeavor, which has been in orbit 25 times since it was constructed two years ago, is set to take its valedictorian flight perched on the back of a jet. This is to give the public a chance for one last viewing before it takes its place in the museum. The endeavor is set to fly across Houston landing in Ellington refuel at the Field Army Airfield in El Paso White sands then proceed to S Francisco, NASAs Ames Research Center, Sacramento until it is finally returns to California on a three days trip.
The endeavor, was commissioned in 1978 to replace the challenger which was destroyed in a takeoff accident, after that, it made 24 more trips many of them to assemble the international space station. The first ever trip by a spaceship through a metropolitan area. It is a complex process which is going to involve a sizeable team of engineers, who will be ensure the route used is the best possible, without too much disruption. It is going to involve a lot of restructuring and moving

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