Chart on 2 plays Fences by August Wilson &amp

use By:Henrik Ibsen

PLAYS DOLLS HOUSE FENCES Protagonist Nora Helmer Troy Maxson Other characters Torvald Helmer Jim Bono Mrs. Linde Rose Maxson Dr. Rank Raybell maxson Antagonist
Cory Maxson
The threat of discovery of a
The fact that Cory wants to
bank loan assumed by Nora
continue to play baseball
when her husband was ill
despite his fathers opposition
Torvald reacts furiously when
Cory has a violent conflict
he finds out about the loan and
with his father and leaves
Nora walks out to retain her
home to join the Marines
and Troy dies at the end
Treatment of women like
Coming of age under damaged
empty headed dolls and
black manhood
disregard of their rights
baseball allegories
Representation of Noras
Death and baseball motif
home as unreal, a dolls house
While Nora is treated as a doll
Troy escaped the violence of
she is financially responsible,
his father, but showed the
Torvald is the one limited in
same intolerance of his own
sons aspirations
The use of the doll motif
The symbol of the fence as a
figurative device
In creating both works, imagination ha splayed an important role, because both authors have utilized figurative devices to portray the tensions and conflicts in the play. The author in Doll’s House creates meaning by demonstrating how the characters go against stereotypes, thereby highlighting the plight and captivity of women. This play is a reflection of the repression of women during Ibsen’s day and the protagonist’s bold move to seek her independence is a progressive step.
In Fences, the author makes use of devices such as the baseball allegories, as well as the symbolism of fences to depict their different meanings for different characters. He also uses a variety of other symbols such as trains, seeds and growth, the linking of baseball with death and the typical music of the African Americans – the blues, to portray the history and circumstances surrounding these people and the frustrations they experience. This play is important in that it provides a glimpse into black history that was riddled with unfairness and prejudice, poverty and cruelty.
Both these plays draw attention to minority sections of the population, while the Doll’s House reveals the plight of women and the manner in which they were oppressed by being forced to confine themselves to home and hearth, The Fences reveals the sad history of the blacks as slaves and their struggle to fight against prejudice. However, one important distinction that must be drawn between these two plays is the fact that while Nora is portrayed as an innocent victim of society and the existing mores of the time, Troy Maxson is partly responsible for his own fate. He has been shaped by the circumstances of his own childhood and his experiences with the cruelty of his own father. however this has not been enough of a lesson for him to avoid his father’s bad example because he engages in adulterous behavior despite having a good wife and imposes his will on his own son.
Ibsen, Henrik. A Doll’s House
Wilson, August. Fences

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