Ch3 Journal

Learning science due: Learning science Learning science can be done through understanding and prior knowledge. Knowing is memorizing facts and understanding is explaining an idea or concept applied. Students can construct learning through their knowledge, and every idea need to be closely connected to make it available to the learner. A deeper understanding of science is by supporting organized knowledge and having a set of questions students can be given simple tasks and challenges that are interesting and let students be interactive during learning.
For students to start learning about science the teacher has to first know their prior knowledge and give them a topic to think of before the next class. Rehearsal can be used to access student’s prior knowledge making their knowledge to be useful, transferable and not bound in a certain way. As a teacher, there is need to stretch the knowledge of the students in such a way that the information is connected correctly (Constant, Bass amp. Carin, 2014).
Children can learn new knowledge through constructivism. Through their prior knowledge, they can be able to receive information from various sources, organize it and build meaning for themselves. Without prior knowledge, their learning cannot be expected. A student can be effective in learning construction when there is a social interaction with other students and in the presence of a teacher. Without social constructivism or when a child is alone, the child is never constructing knowledge and understanding. Social interaction is a valuable tool for a child development of knowledge (Constant et al., 2014).
In conclusion, a teacher to effectively teach students science to a level of understanding, he or she must first know prior knowledge of students. The teacher has to give them an assignment for the next lesson in order to have their prior knowledge. Rehearsals improve the effectiveness of learning and students can learn even more where social constructivism exists.
Contant, T. L., Bass, J. L., amp. Carin, A. A. (2014). Teaching Science Through Inquiry and
Investigation. Pearson Higher Ed.

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