Causes of Foetal Echogenic Bowel in Pregnancy in Relation to Cystic Fibrosis

In days gone by, around the ’50s, children that were affected by this disease didn’t live to see the school, but today due to the great advancement on the Medical side, people live much longer because of good treatment of this disease is readily available. People suffering from Cystic Fibrosis are unable to keep a check on their salt and sugar levels in their bodies. That is why the fluids in their bodies are unusually thicker than normal people. When they sweat they give out excess salt. This is because they do not have a gene that makes a protein to control their salt levels. Doctors use the salt test to diagnose patients with CF.If both parents carry a genetic condition with a pattern of Recessive Inheritance, then there is all the more chance that the child born to such a couple will definitely be affected by it. On average, about a quarter of the children will be affected. In some cases, the children will be carriers like the parents but still remain unaffected – but this is only a one-in-two chance.Genes are the blueprints for making a protein that our body needs to function and develop in the proper manner. Genes come in pairs- one from the mother and one from the father. If a gene undergoes a mutation, it ceases to function properly. We inherit mutations in genes from our biological parents. One such basic pattern of inheritance is called Autosomal Recessive Inheritance.By Autosomal Recessive Inheritance it is meant that the gene carrying the mutation is located in one of the chromosome pairs -1 through 22 (autosomes) This again means that the male and female are equally affected. In order for a person to have this condition, both the copies of the gene should have had a mutation. One copy of the mutation is inherited from the father and the other one from the mother.A person who is said to be just a carrier of this trait or disease, does not have any health problems because they have only one gene mutation. In most cases, they do not even know they are carrying a recessive gene mutation until they get a child with the disease.

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