Career Action Plan

Appropriate skills coupled with market opportunities determine the best career an individual can adopt. These exceptional skills may fail to materialize if they are not nurtured and developed in an appropriate career environment. Once an individual has identified the most appropriate career based on the set of skills, the next step is to create a strategic plan of entering into the career field and achieving the desired goals within the stipulated period. In alignment with the works of William (2010), my career action plan will encompass 3 years. This will serve as a systematic strategy, which highlights on the steps, and actions with respect to the previous self-evaluation assessment. My strengths include exceptional communication, planning, and leadership skills. I am also enthusiastic, idealistic, and imaginative. In dealing with other members of society, I apply my intuitive personality and persuasion qualities to steers people in the desired direction. With respect to the available opportunities, I choose to pursue the career field of management. After settling on undertaking management, I will seek more information and clarifications from career advisors. This will enhance my identification of the best mentors in the field of management. Now, I will develop a three-year management action plan to highlight the fundamental steps and actions I will employ in accomplishing both my short term and long term goals within the three-year period.
My action plan will pursue short-term goals within the first year and long-term goals for the second and third year. My short term goals include securing a first line management job within the first three months, demonstrating competence and gaining experience within the first five months after securing the job and striving to attain the team leader position after the first year. In the first half of the second year, I will use the gained experience and my interpersonal skills to coordinate the processes of the team in meeting their deliverables within the given period. By the end of the second year, I am striving to be promoted to the rank of assistant manager in any of the company’s department. My final goal is to head a department by the end of the third year. Based on these goals, I will initiate my plan by identifying potential employers of young managers within the first month of the first year. I will collect information and profile details of these employers from advertisement articles, magazines, and newspapers. I will also identify employers from online advertisement databases. Application of the suitable positions advertised will be the second step after acquiring the employer’s information. I will submit professional resumes detailing all my strengths and weaknesses. Thereafter, I will present my academic credentials to the head offices of the identified parties. All these are in accordance with the principles of developing an action plan as illustrated by William (2010) in his works. Once in the job, I will demonstrate my competence by applying the technical concepts of management in handling any assignment at my disposal.

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