Can Disability Chronic Conditions Health and Wellness Coexist

Additional activities that enhance the physical well-being incorporate the avoidance of drug abuse and maintenance of proper hygiene.. According to Wright amp. Ellis (2010), mental health is the cognitive and psychological well-being. People with good mental health do not have psychological disorders acknowledge their abilities and can easily manage the stress emerging from daily processes. Additionally, they can improve the community financial status by working productively. Countries that are able to maintain good health through the provision of proper health care are very productive. Most developing countries do not have proper health care facilities and this contributes to slow rate of economic development. This is because they spend a lot of money trying to control diseases instead of using the money to development the country. According to Wright amp. Ellis (2010), environmental conditions, genetics, income levels, educational levels, and relationship with other individuals in the society determine good health.Illness is a negative occurrence that causes suffering and hinders proper body functioning. According to Wright amp. Ellis (2010), it is the major cause of death in the world. The two types of illnesses are chronic and curable. The curable illness can be treated and prevented with proper medication. Malaria is an example of curable illness. Illnesses can affect the financial systems of many countries (Wright amp. Ellis, 2010).Optimum health is the highest level of mental and physical well being that one can achieve. It is the total absence of both curable and chronic disease (Rankin, London amp. Stallings, 2005). One can reach optimum physical health if he effectively prevents diseases by maintain good nutritional habits and physical exercises. Moreover, optimum mental health can be achieved through effective management of stress and maintaining a good relationship with other people (Rankin, London amp.

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