Business Systems Analysis and Decision Support

following three ways will go a long way in ensuring the development of a satisfactory MIS. Business System Planning (BSP), Critical success factor (CSF) and then we have the End/Means (E/M) Analysis (Lotfi &amp. Pegels 1986 pg. 86-102).
This is one and the most vital way of determining the requirements of an MIS in MagiCo operations and in any other multinational organization. This methodology is pre-formulated by IBM itself and therefore it is standard for any form of organization that intends to use its applications. This methodology goes a long way in first establishing and listing down all the priorities in terms of Information System of the organization. One of the ways it does this is by identifying the way data is maintained in the system. To arrive at this important requirement, the relevant parties will use data architecture supporting applications (Lotfi &amp. Pegels 1986 pg. 86-102). This will go a long way in defining the classes of data by employing the use of different matrices. As a result, relationship is established within the organization and its processes as well as the data requirements. Because of this approach, MagiCo will be able to find and establish the requirements of its system in the broad categorical approaches.
The approach as developed by John Rockart takes the dimension of identifying the key business goals and the strategies as are planned to be applied by each manager. These are combined with those of the overall business and a comparison is thereafter made. The business and the management goals are then evaluated and this results into the establishment of the Critical Success Factors that underlie these broad goals and objectives. The identification of the CSFs will mean that the irrelevant factors are eliminated forthwith leaving the analyst with the next step of the CSF analysis (Lotfi &amp. Pegels 1986 pg. 86-102). This is the measure of the effectiveness of CSF an activity which will go ahead in defining the requirements of the

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