Business Plan for Mobile Phone Recycling

Costs and Pricing Strategy 15 9. Financial Forecast 15 9.1 Sales and Cost Forecast 15 9.2 Cash Flow Forecast 17 9.3 Cost Table 17 9.4 Personnel Plan 18 Works cited 19 Student Name: xxxxxx Subject: Management Topic: Business Plan for Mobile Phone Recycling 12 April, 2013 1. Executive Summary ABC Recycle Company is a newly registered mobile phones recycling organization which intends to launch its mobile phone recycling operations by setting up a new plant in the vicinity of London. The company has the perspective to enhance its areas of operations in couple of other two cities in United Kingdom during next three years. Along with financial aims, the major objective of ABC Recycle is to provide the customers with economical alternatives for the disposal of their mobile phone waste. The second objective is to keep the society free of environmental issues by disposing off waste of mobile phones. This marketing plan has been prepared after analyzing various issues regarding the mobile phone recycling industry in United Kingdom. …
Due to practicality, mobile phones are present universally and now have become the leading communication tool. However, use of mobile phone causes health hazards due to the toxic chemicals found on the mobile phones and their accessories. Use of mobile phone also endangers different animal species in the universe. This is because the elements used in coating mobile phones are dangerous to animals and their habitats. The issue of health and endangered species is addressed globally by recycling the millions of mobile phones found on the planet. The continuous growing consumption of mobile phones along with the increasing cognizance of general public regarding their recycling has highlighted the need and significance of recycling industry and thus many manufacturers are coming to this segment of the business. We are going to establish our new ABC Recycle Company in this sector. 1.2 Business Aims The main operations of ABC Recycle Company will be to collect the used or unserviceable mobile phones from the market and then after recycling process, making new product for reuse. Our recycled cell phones will meet the following objectives. (a) An achievable cost effective substitute to the customers for retailing their mobile phones (b) To mitigate the impacts of waste of mobile phone on the environment 1.3 Financial Summary After the initial stage of purchasing necessary machinery and equipment, ABC Recycling Company will commence its recycling operations and regular sales in May. According to our financial plan, the company will invest ?2,700,000 to purchase one recycling line and one manufacturing line to set up the recycling plant and working capital. The three partners will further invest ?1500,000 along with ?800,000 long-term loans. We will also provide

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