Born Free A Postmodernist Context of Scottish Literature

Postmodernism is an analysis that targets the effects of technological advancements within the society. Escapism vividly erupts from the actions and points of view of every member of Vic’s family. the narrative breaks down as brought out by Hird, utilizes each family member’s narration, which undoubtedly infers the most poignant concerns in the modern day. This family demonstrates total fear of facing the reality. Each member of the family tries to escape from the reality that is facing them. displacing their actions on activities that in the end negatively affects their well-being. What is the rationale of one yearning to break her virginity before 16? Is there any justification beyond the banal inferences of pleasure and recreation in undertaking such an act? Denaturing what is otherwise revered within the social construct as a mark of dignity and respect. Joni is a perfect symbol of such a society that disillusioned with unguided morals that they extract pleasure in thinking about. She does not demonstrate any element of reverence to her virginity and womanhood but rather chooses to dare the most solemn existence. Can this be considered an act of trepidation?
Jakes, on the other hand, is so much obsessed with masturbation. intensely carrying it out. He does little of academic work apart from engaging in acts of a misdemeanor, trying to frustrate his teachers and spending more time in playing computer games.

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