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STRESS MANAGEMENT Reply to post Gabrielle, I think you raised a really interesting issue in your post. I specifically liked itwhen you said that stress is caused by work overload and issues between partners. As most time spouses argue over the pettiest things. In addition, work overload normally causes stress as one may have multiple things to do in just a day to meet the deadline. You are right! When one has a lot to do he cannot stand an argument from the spouse and makes it very hard to stop the argument. It is also extremely hard to do a lot of things at once and one normally gets overwhelmed by the large volume of work.
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Becker, I also agree with you. Stressors like heavy work load, working many hours and little money can lead to burnout and poor health. You are right! Working for many hours limits the time for recreation. However, we need to work hard to take care of our families due to hard economic times. Nevertheless, we need to have some exercise to cope up with the burnout. We also need to eat healthily to get enough energy for the hard work but we should avoid junk food when the exercising time is limited.
Effective ways of combating stress
The four most effective ways to combat stress are massage, yoga, meditation and eating stress-busting foods (Elkin, 2013). One needs to avoid high-fat sugary snacks and eat a healthy balanced diets reach in essential vitamins and nutrients that keeps them energized and focused. Such stress busters includes avocados, almonds, asparagus, salmon, spinach, chocolate and blueberries (In Arditti, 2014).Meditation helps in relaxing the mind thus reducing stress. Yoga on the other hand strengthens the body and the mind thus relieving stress. Massage also re4duces stress levels by relaxing muscle tension, improving circulation and enhancing mental clarity (Elkin, 2013).
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