Are the Rich Getting Richer and the Poor Getting Poorer Still Today

It is not a hidden fact that today’s modern world still barricades society with different levels of differences such as social and economic status. And few of the common things that come in minds of many people when referring to socioeconomic differences are poverty and the equation of the rich and the poor. These contrasting words sadly refer to a person’s stability in the society in terms of money or wealth or the purchasing capability of a person to acquire goods or services in exchange of something of value—which in the modern world refers to money and assets convertible to cash.Since the early days of man’s existence, the differences in status have plagued society with different social evils arising from such inequalities. Even today the gap between the rich and the poor still remains in between sets two worlds offering a life far different from each other.The world has gone from one social reform to another over the years with the hope to end the social inequalities that were set by social differences rooted in the history of man. And one can attest that today’s era represents the social awakening that defies inequality among man and society. But it seems that wealth and poverty were set aside as a societal battle and was brought down as an individual responsibility that today is viewed as a personal responsibility to strive hard to lift oneself from the pits of poverty. Indeed the modern world is a socially acceptable world but still, the traces of inequalities still linger on.

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