Angolas Tourism Infrastructure Development

There exist a relationship between infrastructure and the tourism development. Measures to gauge the level of economic growth are based on the infrastructure development and standards of living. The tourist inflow would depend on the efforts of any central government to invest in infrastructure. Angola being an emerging economy in Africa needs to invest majorly in the infrastructure in order to realize its full capacity. Stiff competition from the south and East of Africa poses major challenges towards the overall performance of the country as a tourist hub (Hottola, 2009). In order to suggest models be used by Angola in improving infrastructure and promoting tourism, the current economic status will be examined. The research will be based on the African Development Bank statistic to gauge the amount allocated by the government in both infrastructure and tourism. The sources of funding towards this project will be important in projecting the future capacities. Mazivila (2014) data will be used as Macroeconomic Indicators where status, estimates and future projections. The stability of Angola compared to other SADC members will determine the future strengths and weaknesses while investing in infrastructure and expanding current capacity. Foreign investments will establish Angola’s Income and government’s alternative sources of revenue. Trading Economics (2014) will give an insight of Angola’s foreign direct investments since 2004.Infrastructure being the major concern in the tourist industry, the research will focus on the time factor. This will include the period used to procure documents that will enhance infrastructure development (The World Bank, 2005). The time taken in this country will compare Angola to other countries with developed tourism infrastructure (World Travel amp. Tourism Council. 2012).

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