Analysis of Ebusiness and Website of Starbucks’s

Starbucks’ is a company website that incorporates both b2c and b2b on the same platform. The website is similar to a mini-exhibition in that it has been designed to inform businesses, customers and other parties of Starbucks’ six Ps of marketing (product, price, place, people, promotions and physical evidence). The main website is largely focused on providing both businesses and customers with information that will enable them to make the best product choice. The b2b and b2c are separated from the main company website using links. The b2b section is accessed via the link labeled For Business. Following from this For Business link, the b2b section is categorized into five groups: office coffee, Starbucks coffee international, foodservice, licensed stores, and Starbucks card corporate sales (, 2011). The b2c section is accessed by clicking on the Shop tab and is referred to as the Starbucks store. At the b2c there is a shopping cart for customers to place their orders and payment is done by using credit cards. In contrast, the b2b does not have a direct product check-off system. At the b2b the businesses fill in forms to register their interest of procuring Starbucks’ services and products and wait for Starbucks to get back to them because b2b transactions involve a lot of negotiations over price, delivery and product specifications. This means that whereas customers are provided with an online platform for making monetary transactions, businesses do not have this option. Instead, Starbucks prefers to engage businesses on a one-on-one basis to offer them customized solutions. There are several business benefits that Starbucks derives from having a website.

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