Analysis of a NonProfit Organization

According to the research study it is moral obligation of every individual to give back something to the community that has helped the individual to earn a living. Therefore, some people just contribute back to society by providing financial assistance while others dedicate their lives just to serve the ones in need. Non-profit organizations can operate in different fields like medical research, development programs, and health services and so on. The type of NPO that really interests me is Maryland Angels, which is a NPO that conducts research and treatments for cancer patients. This paper stresses thatstarting a non-profit organization is certainly one of the most inspiring way through which one can help those in need and give back to the community. The first and most important thing here is to always remember that serving community is more important than making money. Ironically, monetary contributions are equally important. Hence, the members serving the NPO will have to carefully balance monetary needs. This is also one of the reasons as to why it takes many years to sustain and grow a non-profit entity.A non-profit organization’s success or failure is totally dependent on its foundations. The stronger the foundations the more people in the society would come forward to contribute.Making a non-profit organization attractive to donors is probably the most difficult task. Not only has the very survival of the organization is depended on it but also an indication that the society is accepting it.

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