An AntiSmoking Campaign in Australia a Successful Information Campaign

Tobacco use reduces life expectancy and the quality of health given that inhalation of tobacco substances is harmful to the human body. Chemicals produced in tobacco smoke flow to every part of the body in blood and they cause harm in different organs. Whilst there may be immediate effects of smoking on the human body in some instances, there is usually a long time period before the effects of smoking are noticed on someone to the extent that some smokers develop cognitive dissonance whereby they will end up thinking that long-term effects are ineffective but the truth is that half of all lifetime smokers will succumb to smoke-related deaths in the long run. According to this anti-smoking campaign in Australia, scientific research has it on good record that smokers face significantly increased deaths or numerous illnesses from cancer, heart diseases, stroke, atherosclerosis, abdominal aortic aneurysm, emphysema and other respiratory diseases. It can also be noted that smoking can cause blindness, dental problems, erectile dysfunction, reduced fertility in women and sudden infant death syndrome. Smoking is dangerous particularly to pregnant women in that it significantly causes complications in pregnancy that may lead to premature births, stillbirths or low weight births. Smoking can also affect non-smokers given that they will be exposed to the risk of inhaling tobacco substances from the smokers which have the same deadly effects on their health which entails that there is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke.

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