American imperialism the subversion of latin american sovereignty (OPEN VEINS OF LATIN AMERICA BY EDUARDO GALEANO)

Imperialist regime is where the central state authority is weak together with the open state territoriality while the global regime is where the central state authority is strong together with the open state territoriality.
American imperialism tools include- political power, economic power, military power and cultural diffusion. Example of the economic power via Galeano is where he credits Machado’s dictatorship in 1924 to the economic domination that the USA had over Cuba. In 1920 prices of sugar in Cuba had dropped from 22cents per pound to as low as 4cents. Sugar producers were bankrupt with sugar prices fluctuating based on the prices in the America market. America gave Cuba $50 million with the first American ambassador- General Crowder.
America also gave Cuba fair trade concessions on a condition that in turn America gets to export their products into the country. The United States gains in trading with Cuba, yet still trades with other states. Nevertheless, Cuba is economically forced to trade mostly with the United States.
In short, America imperialism is the compulsion exerted by USA via economic, cultural, military or political power that conquers other countries’ sovereignty into acting in manners they would have not acted otherwise. It is a situation where a country forgoes its own interests at the expense of serving the American interests.
The cruise of this paper is to talk about the American imperialism more particularly touching on the tool of political power in Bolivia enhanced by international institutions such as the World Bank and the IMF.
The international power of the USA in the 20th century has grounds on its political strength. In 1900, when the united states of American did not have much of an army, it was promising got viewed as power forthcoming great power. By 1920, the United States had displaced the United Kingdom during the First World War making them, the supreme financial power

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