Aker International Framework

With the boom in the flow of information, nature and the regulations have also observed sea changes.
Various international understandings and accords have influenced the working of the industry. Such understandings have essentially focused upon the facts like better employment opportunities for the workers along with better pays and better living standards. Increased vigilance in the industry along with the greater emphasis upon the undertaken reforms has led the workers to safeguard their interests by a greater extent. And such measures are all the more felt in the core industries like oil and gas and construction where it involves a considerable proportion of the manual and physical labour.
The international framework agreement that has been initiated by the Aker ASA in direct collaboration with IMF and Fellesforbundet, has been regarded as the major document that has the phenomenal influence to develop the working relations within the companies. The framework is binding to all such companies that are part of the Aker ASA led the group. The companies in which the majority of the shares are in the hands of the Aker ASA have to follow the framework. The most important thing in this aspect of Aker International Framework has been that the document is based upon the realisations of all the major parties that are concerned with the employee relations and the health and safety standards at the workplace. The guidelines essentially take into account the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and also the International Labour Organisation Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work along with the OECD guidelines on multinational corporations. The framework calls for the following important considerations:
Freedom of Associations and Collective Bargaining – The Aker International Framework essentially provides the workers with the right of participating in the unions and the associations.

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