Adult Aging and Development Media Log


It can be very beneficial if the article mentions the names of fruits and vegetable as it would make the article more informative to the readers. The article has covered pretty much all the points on nutrition and gives good information oh healthy eating. The authors have Ph.D. qualification and have done justice to the article in providing needed information about different nutritional requirements. Although it would have made the writing better if it explained how these foods helped different parts of the body in their maintenance. The introductory paragraph of the article could have been more attractive and detailing in order to catch the attention of the readers. The writer has given a wide view on stress but it would have been better if the effect of stress on mental health was mentioned more.nbsp.The article has also described well the food items to be consumed by older people to overcomenbsp.stress but if vitamin supplements were suggested it would have been more beneficial. Caregivers can be also advised in the article to know the elderly people more intimately which would allow them to take better care of them. One thing which was attractive about the article was that the author has given some reference where the caregivers can resort for assistance. The article could have been more elaborative as it seems to be a bit short with information. The writing should also suggest how counseling will benefit them in the overall performance of their profession. The article could have suggested to the readers how elderly people can avoid dementia. The age group of people if provided would have given information about the people who are more prone to this disease. The writer should have mentioned whether diet and lifestyle have any effect on developing dementia. The information on the disease could have been more detailed as people have less knowledge about such illnesses. The article can explain the experience of people suffering from this illness and how they are coming up with life.nbsp.

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