A Story about Teacher

The story is about a teacher who finds out that some versions of the stories that the students were being tested on had been doctored. After noticing the problems, she tried to find out why this was happening, she even goes ahead to contact the author of the books to find out if they were aware of this mischievous act by the students. The article has been well organized in such a way that Ms. Jeanne Heifetz finds a mistake in a few papers. She decides to confirm if the other papers have the same mistake, she finds that they have also been doctored. She decides to contact the writers through her husband who is also a writer and asks them if they were aware that quotes from their books were changed. We find that the whole plot of the article has been put in perfect sequence in such a way that the events flow well. The structure can be improved by introducing a section where all the teachers who are responsible for the omission of words from the books have a face to face discussion to explain to the authors why they did that. This creates an environment where there are arguments. From the passage, if I were the author, I would have introduced a section where the authors of the books take legal action on the school for doctoring what they had written without their consent. In conclusion, This article is good since it tries to expose how some people try to interfere with the education system in many schools.

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