A Spy Pen that is Produced in Qatar

The pen has a hidden camera on its top. It would be produced in Qatar and would be used and marketed in a market where it is best suited. The first part would examine a series of markets and countries where the pen can be sold to consumers. It would involve the use of some quantitative criteria to evaluate different countries. After that, the report would zoom in on the best market that would be identified. This would follow with a set of recommendations on how to enter the international markets and operate to attain the best results.The map above provides an insight into the locations and the countries that would be critiqued and evaluated in the research. On the extreme right is India, which is a major Asian country with an emerging economy. India is a major country with a large population.At the southern tip of Africa is South Africa which is an emerging economy also. South Africa has the best infrastructural base in Africa and it is the richest and most economically advanced nation on the continent. It has a major crime statistic record and security is a major concern in the nation.Brazil covers about half of the land area of South America. It is an emerging economy and has a booming industry that is growing Brazil is also a democracy and it is the largest Portuguese speaking nation in the world. Brazil has a history of being an amalgamation of several Portuguese colonies which were taken by the King of Portugal.

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